Who we are

The Brazilian Network Information Centre – NIC.br was created to implement the decisions and projects designed by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee – CGI.br, which is responsible for the co-ordination and integration of all Internet service initiatives in the country.

NIC.br is the executive arm of the CGI.br. Its mission involves certain rights and obligations, which include:

  • registering and maintaining <.br> domain names, as well as allocating Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) and IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in the country through Registro.br;
  • handling and responding to computer security incidents involving networks connected to the Brazilian Internet, activities to be carried out by CERT.br
  • projects that support and improve the network infrastructure in the country, such as the direct interconnection between networks (PTT.br) and the distribution of the Brazilian Official Time (NTP.br). These projects are the responsibility of Ceptro.br;
  • producing and publishing indicators, statistics and strategic information on the development of the Internet in Brazil, under the responsibility of Cetic.br;
  • promoting studies and recommending procedures, regulations, and technical and operational standards that will improve network and Internet service security, as well as ensure its increased and adequate use by society, as established by the W3C Chapter São Paulo
  • providing technical and operational support to LACNIC, the Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre.

The members of NIC.br

At present, the NIC.br is currently composed of four Centres, four councils, and also hosts W3C Brazil office.

The entities responsible for the administration of NIC.br are:

- The General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of the founding members, both special and honorary, and is the supreme authority with powers to deliberate, having the final say on any matters concerning NIC.br.

- The Administrative Board

The Administrative Board is the body which administrates NIC.br and is composed of seven members: three from the government, chosen by the General Assembly among Government members, and their respective substitutes, and four from the private sector, and their respective substitutes, as appointed by the CGI.br.

Representatives chosen by the General Assembly among Government members at NIC.br
  • Renata Vicentini Mielli, post holder;
    Rubens Diniz Tavares, standby post holder;
  • Pedro Helena Pontual Machado, post holder;
    Carlos Antonio Lopes de Araujo, standby post holder;
  • Maximiliano Salvadori Martinhão, post holder;
    Rômulo Barbosa, standby post holder.
Representatives elected by the General Assembly from the Civil Society
  • Eduardo Fumes Parajo, post holder;
    Nivaldo Cleto, standby post holder;
  • Marcos Dantas Loureiro, post holder;
    Rosauro Leandro Baretta, standby post holder;
  • Percival Henriques de Souza Neto, post holder;
    Laura Conde Tresca, standby post holder;
  • Tanara Lauschner, post holder;
    Henrique Faulhaber Barbosa, standby post holder.
President of the Administrative Board: Renata Vicentini Mielli
Vice president of the Administrative Board: Percival Henriques de Souza Neto

Term of Office: May 26th 2023 to May 26th 2025

- The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for the fiscal and financial auditing of NIC.br. It is comprised of 3 incumbent members.

Ordinary members
  • Heber Fialho Maia
  • Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville
  • Domingos Sávio Mota
Standby Members
  • James Marlon Azevedo Gorgen
  • Flávia Lefèvre Guimarães
  • Helio Donin Junior

Term of Office – 21 September 2021 to 21 September 2023

- The Executive Board

The Executive Board is the company institution responsible for the executive administration of NIC.br, and is responsible for the compliance with the legislation currently in force, the By-Laws, the Internal Regulations and the resolutions of the Administrative Board.

  • Demi Getschko, Chairperson
  • Ricardo Narchi , Managing and Finance Director
  • Frederico Augusto de Carvalho Neves, Services and Technology Director
  • Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura, Special Projects and Development Director
  • Hartmut Richard Glaser, Consulting Director for CGI.br activities

Periodically, the directors join the Administrative Board of NIC.br to report on the status of internal operations.

NIC.br Organization Chart

Due to its constitution, NIC.br cannot be separated from the CGI.br. Therefore, its structure is as follows:

  • Registro.br – Registry of ".br" domains
  • CERT.br – Brazilian National Computer Emergency Response Team
  • Cetic.br – Regional Center for Studies on the Development of the Information Society
  • Ceptro.br – Centre of Study and Research in Network Technology and Operations
  • Ceweb.br – Web Technologies Study Centre
  • IX.br – Brazil Internet Exchange
  • W3C Chapter São Paulo - actions for the development and strengthening of web standards

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