Notice to the Public

The Brazilian Network Information Centre is a non-profit civil corporation that was created to implement the decisions and projects designed by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, as set out in a notice to the public in the charter (Content in Portuguese).

Notice to the Public

THE BRAZILIAN INTERNET STEERING COMMITTEE –, hereby informs to the general public that on 21 October 2005, as part of its mission set out in Decree No. 4,829 of 3 September 2003, it has approved the proposal for delegation of the administrative functions related to the <.br> domain, such as the registration of Domain Names and the allocation of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, to the Brazilian Network Information Centre –
Therefore, the announces that, as from 5 December 2005, shall take over the management of, in accordance with the regulations in effect and under the obligation of continuing, without any interruption or change in price or substance, the amount and quality of the services provided up to that point.

The would also like to take advantage of this opportunity to express its utmost gratitude for the invaluable service that FAPESP always rendered on behalf of the Internet in Brazil.

The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee –, as set up by Decree No. 4,829 of 3 September 2003, is responsible for the co-ordination and integration of all Internet service initiatives in Brazil, and its membership can be viewed at:

The Brazilian Network Information Centre – is a non-profit institution, and its membership always comprises the same members that compose the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( It is the operational arm of the and its by-laws, in Portuguese, are available at:
The full content of Resolutions 001/2005 and 002/2005, together with Attachment I, are available at the electronic address of the web server,, as from this date.

Current procedures for domain name registration and IP address distribution are available at:
The new contract that determines the relationship between domain name applicants and is available at:

Please refer to the publication in the Federal Official Gazette (Diário Oficial da União – DOU) of 14 February 2006.